Four Short Docs – Before Camp

Hi folks, Mysteries of Samhain organizers want to circulate four short documents among our 2019 circle. Please read these before camp – we will not test you on them, but life sometimes does!

Questions or problems with downloads: <>

Charge of the Goddess – an older poem by Doreen Valiente that Reclaiming has long referenced

Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity – the basic document that united our various camps and communities

DARC Letter – DARC (De-colonizing Actions in Reclaiming Communities) a group of┬áBlack, Indigenous, People of Color, and Mixed Race folks – this letter was presented at the recent all-Reclaiming Dandelion Gathering, with a request to circulate it in our communities

How to Be Less Racist, by Rachel Munchkins – Rachel is a member of the DARC group, and is part of Samhain camp as well as teaching at CA Witchcamp and Teen Earth Magic.

2019 Camper Packet

Here’s a downloadable version of the 2019 Mysteries of Samhain camper packet, with Bring List, info on arrival/departure times and process,directions to camp, and copies of the waivers we’ll ask you to sign at camp. The photo-waiver is optional – you can indicate “no photos” on it – but we want to have a copy for each person.

Download the packet – click here.

If you have trouble downloading the packet – email <>
Also in the packet:
– a teaser from our 2019 story, based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen
– a page of Camp Culture notes – our camp, which packs a week’s worth of magic into a long weekend, does things a bit differently than some other witchcamps, so please read this page
Carpools & Final Payments
If you still need a ride to camp, or need to pay a reg balance, please reply to our emails pronto. Thanks!

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