Mysteries 2022 – Reg Opens March 31

Registration for Mysteries of Samhain 2022 opens March 31, with Earlybird discounts through May 31.

We specially invite BIPOC, LGBTQ, and young adults – some scholarship funds available.

Mysteries of Samhain is a diverse camp and welcomes all Reclaiming-friendly people – visit for more information.

Camp will probably fill early, so plan to register soon after March 31, or at least email and say it’s on the way.

Mysteries 2021 Probably Full

We got a burst of early registration for our 2021 in-person camp, and camp is now full.

While this is exciting to organizers, we are also sad that we will have to turn folks away.

People sometimes drop out – if you want to go, please go ahead and visit our reg page, complete the online form, and leave the deposit line blank.

You may also ask to join the googlegroup to be notified about future events.

To join the googlegroup or for questions;

Reclaiming Chants!

Here are some chants we sang at camp – and a lot more! There’s a great 45-minute drum-trance meditation by Starhawk at the end.

Reclaiming Chants Playlists

We sang at least these, mainly from our Campfire Chants album:

  • Body of the Earth (for our final spiral)
  • Weave and Spin
  • Rising of the Moon
  • Cycles of the Moon
  • My Soul
  • Goodnight Sweet Witches


Four Short Docs – Before Camp

Hi folks, Mysteries of Samhain organizers want to circulate four short documents among our 2019 circle. Please read these before camp – we will not test you on them, but life sometimes does!

Questions or problems with downloads: <>

Charge of the Goddess – an older poem by Doreen Valiente that Reclaiming has long referenced

Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity – the basic document that united our various camps and communities

DARC Letter – DARC (De-colonizing Actions in Reclaiming Communities) a group of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Mixed Race folks – this letter was presented at the recent all-Reclaiming Dandelion Gathering, with a request to circulate it in our communities

How to Be Less Racist, by Rachel Munchkins – Rachel is a member of the DARC group, and is part of Samhain camp as well as teaching at CA Witchcamp and Teen Earth Magic.

2019 Camper Packet

Here’s a downloadable version of the 2019 Mysteries of Samhain camper packet, with Bring List, info on arrival/departure times and process,directions to camp, and copies of the waivers we’ll ask you to sign at camp. The photo-waiver is optional – you can indicate “no photos” on it – but we want to have a copy for each person.

Download the packet – click here.

If you have trouble downloading the packet – email <>
Also in the packet:
– a teaser from our 2019 story, based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen
– a page of Camp Culture notes – our camp, which packs a week’s worth of magic into a long weekend, does things a bit differently than some other witchcamps, so please read this page
Carpools & Final Payments
If you still need a ride to camp, or need to pay a reg balance, please reply to our emails pronto. Thanks!

Teen Earth Magic Workbook – Not For Teens Only!

Teen Earth Magic: An Empowerment Workbook

Earth-based spirituality and magical activism for teens – and everyone! – in the tradition of Starhawk and Reclaiming.

This unique and powerful tool, based on twelve years of rituals, classes, and grassroots activism at Reclaiming’s Teen Earth Magic camp, gathers 350 pages of Reclaiming-style magic plus 40 years of music and other resources – much of it free online.

Hundreds of ideas for teens, adults, teachers, and organizers – spellcrafting, divination, activism, pentacle magic, and much more.

Illustrated with dozens of photos from our California-based youth retreat, sibling camps Witchlets in the Woods and Redwood Magic Family Camp, and events such as the Spiral Dance and street activism, the book includes:

  • step-by-step skills and practice in creating magical rituals
  • sample rituals including an online ritual; magical activism
  • interviews with participants about the meaning of magic and how we can use it to help change ourselves and the world
  • dozens of spells and workings that can be done alone or in groups; solitary and small-circle magic
  • dealing with curses and negative energy; pentacle workings; intuitive tarot and divination
  • chants for rituals and everyday magic
  • and much more!

With a Foreword by Starhawk, whose Earth Activist Training courses helped inspire Teen Earth Magic.

Print Edition (B&W) available on Amazon – proceeds benefit TEM!

Download the TEM Book – free online

Chants Playlists to accompany the TEM book


Earlybird Reg till May 5!

Mysteries of Samhain already has the lowest rates in town. Now you can save $30-50 more by registering by May 5.

Adults just $199-500 (regular $249-500)

Youth to age 30 $120-300 (regular $150-300)

Kids 0-4 – always free (thanks to Woodlands’ generous policy)!

Register (or at least contact us) by May 5 for earlybird discount. You can register by mail/check or by email/paypal.

Go to Registration Page


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