Join Us for Magic at Samhaintide!

2022 Note – please see our home page for special 2022 info, including health-and-safety plans.

Join us as the Wheel of the Year turns toward Samhain for an intense weekend of magic, ritual, and adventure between the worlds.

Mysteries of Samhain is an intimate camp of less than fifty people, allowing each person to be woven into the community and the deep magic inspired by the land we inhabit for the weekend. Our camp is cradled in the majestic beauty of Mendocino Woodlands, where we greet the trees and other living beings and listen to our deep selves amid the sounds of nature.

Mysteries of Samhain is a do-it-ourselves, community-style camp. This is a magical intensive, not a festival or a drop-in camp. We ask that people plan to attend the entire event (unless advance arrangements are made) and be committed to creating camp culture.

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Mysteries of Samhain welcomes Reclaiming-friendly people ages 18-up (under 18 may request to attend with parent or guardian). Email us if you have questions; click here for info on our family camps.

Reclaiming is an inclusive tradition, and we welcome all sorts of people. BIPOC folks, LGBTQ people, and young adults are especially invited – Email us about scholarship support.

You do not need prior magical classes or Reclaiming training. We ask that all participants agree to work within Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity.

Reclaiming events are drug- and alcohol-free except for prescription medications. Please let us know if you will be taking medications at camp, and bring along backups. There will be a designated smoking area.

We aim to create a safe space for campers of all ages and for people in recovery. If any medical concerns would benefit from our support, please let us know on the registration form or prior to camp. Thank you.


The Mendocino Woodlands are a state park operated by a local nonprofit. Mysteries of Samhain will be held at Camp Three, a small campsite about one-quarter mile from Camp Two, the site of California Witchcamp and Witchlets in the Woods.

The camp is nestled in a mature forest of redwoods and Douglas firs, creating a beautiful, peaceful setting. A small creek runs alongside the camp.

October is an especially beautiful time to be in the redwoods. The site is located just far enough inland from the town of Mendocino to avoid coastal fog. Temperatures are mild to cool, with slight chance of rain.

Visit our registration page!

Physical Terrain and Accessibility

Mendocino Woodlands is not designated wheelchair accessible, although some folks have managed. Most cabins, toilets, and all showers are up inclines. With advance notice we can arrange for an accessible toilet that is not up an incline (we must know by September 1 to order the accessible toilet.)

The camp has rustic dirt paths and may be difficult terrain for some. People have gotten around past camps with walking sticks, crutches, and motorized chairs. We will do our best to support your needs.

Please notify us by Fall Equinox if you have special needs, so we can discuss them with you. We will do our best to accommodate you. We also ask that you be the initiator and take responsibility for yourself in getting the support you need.

Tent Cabins or Camping

The site features 4-person A-frame tent cabins. Cabins have simple cots and foam mattresses. Bring your own sleep gear. No electricity in cabins. Camping in your own tent is also an option (at same cost – the site charges us per person either way).


Camp fee includes meals from dinner Friday to breakfast on Monday. All meals will include vegan and gluten-free offerings.

If your needs are highly individual, you might want to consider bringing some of your own food (there is a shared camper frig). Contact us with any questions.

How much does it cost?

Costs are as low as possible (and even lower with early bird discount!) and include all costs except transportation and optional silent auction. Visit our Registration page for details.

How will we do it?

A team of Bay Area teachers and organizers anchors logistics, with help from campers. Organizers will cover publicity, site logistics, kitchen and meals, finances, and basic health and safety.

As for the magic, we all co-create this camp! This is a time for deep magic as the Wheel turns toward the dark of the year —- and a time for community and relaxation in the forest!

Each of us can make offerings during the course of camp. We’ll share ideas on our googlegroup as camp draws closer.

Let’s start dreaming now of what we want our camp to be. Your idea might resonate with others and take wings!

Want to get involved? Got a different question? Contact samhainmysteries@gmail.com

How do I register?

Visit our registration page!

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